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hyperscooter with high speeds, long range and smooth throttle control.

Now avaible in Caribbeans!

Now avaible in Caribbeans!


Our unique electric off-road bikes are revolutionizing the riding experience.


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State of the art technology

Time performs as well as it looks. Whether you’re heading out to carve some single-trail or a weeknight of laps at the local MX track, the time delivers a seat-of-the-pants riding experience like few other off-road bikes can. And it’ll turn heads everywhere you go.


Time™ is breaking new ground in North America with the 2023 electric off-road motorcycle. The feature-rich Storm Bee offers plenty of power and range in an emissions-free package with almost no noise..

State of the art technology

The controller is the brain of your innovative electric scooter. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this intelligence consists of:

2x50a max current
All water proof connexion

Record breaking performance


Increase in power

8400 Watts of “oh yesssssss” ! We have equipped Burn-e with two motors delivering a maximum power of 4200 Watts. This gives you access to sufficient power in any driving situation


No charge stress

Up to 120 km of range. In your daily trips, to get to work or for leisure, you will have enough energy to enjoy your journeys without worrying about recharging.ou can drive from home to work, work to home and keep a lot for fun ! The charging is fast because of the powerful 5 A charger given as standard with your scooter.


Awesome torque

Thrilling acceleration up to 90mph. Equipped with a large 72V 120Ah battery with branded Li-ion cells (Panasonic, Samsung, or LG), the BURN-E can reach a maximum range of 110 miles (constant 18mph, 160 lb rider) and a realistic range of around 50 miles.

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