Kente: The True Origin Story

Kente is regarded as a fabric for the royals and is popular worldwide. There are varying accounts of its origin and so the Yenkassa team decided to go to the source, Bonwire, and track down the one true origin story/history of Kente. Listen to Chief Kente Designer, Akwesi Kwarteng, narrate the true story of the Kente fabric as passed down from his ancestors. Akwesi Kwarteng is a direct descendant of the man who designed (added patterns) the Kente cloth. Contact Akwesi Kwarteng/Bonwire Kente Weaving Center: (Ask for Akwesi Kwarteng) Dial from US: +233 24 908 4121 Dial in Ghana: 024 908 4121 Email:

Source: yenkassa

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