Hansen Emmanuel Is Dominating HS basketball.

silhouette photo of basketball system

Handel from the Dominican republic, lost his arm at 6 years old to a wall falling on his arm but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of playing basketball earning a scholarship to life Christian academy And I know that y’all thinking that it’s kinda of pity that he’s playing No This man is dominating basketball right now Averaging 25 and 11 with ONE ARM God blessed this man the ability to have a 40 inch vert as well Handles Inspirational

Jugador de Basquetbol con deseos de seguir superándose. NBA DREAMS Espero que disfrutes este video del Joven Dominicano Hansel Enmanuel Donato Domínguez, su accidente no obstaculizo la forma de perseguir sus sueños con el deporte que lleva entre la sangre.

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