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Caribbean Short Films

My mind dey…
Say one day, e go dey okay
We go hail; “ose, Chineke nagode”
Instead of hate, we go soro so ke
Nigeria go be like—gbe mi so ke
From our hearts; we go rise again

Seven bottles of beer – relax for him front
Dem resemble orijin, dem resemble radler
Eye begin turn am, as him belle dey grunt
Every-thing dey spin, and turn for the bar

He think of him papa, wey dey for village

How you think say the future go be?
How God go change this world make e better
Na wetin we loss for fire, we dey find for sea
People dey drown and dem no dey water

If you wan learn more for free

Small pikin, wey no dey hear word

Waka, waka, everyday, say you day lucozade boost for joy and comfort

Small pikin wey dey wear mini skirt, they do shakara

Description At Visionaries Production Trinidad and Tobago We Do Local Films Form Stories We Created , Current Events or Things We Went Trough in Our Lives. Hope You Enjoy.


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